Shelving my Judgy Attitude about McDonald’s

Since becoming a father, I have had to reassess a lot of previously held beliefs and preconceived notions. I had long thought of McDonald’s as a terrible place, and they had done plenty to cement their place on that list. Their food is so full of preservatives that it never biodegrades, for instance. They are a major contributor to childhood obesity, and their offerings are just not nutritious. And so I stood atop my ivory tower and judged.

Sorry McDonald’s.

Though you are no saint, who among us is? We’ve all brought our own Arch Deluxe into this world without a care for the arteries of others. For all your faults, I had looked over the inherent goodness and joy you bring to childhood, and hence, to parents.

The PlayPlace.

This indoor playground where you can let your child go wild after getting them all sugared up on a $1.29 hot fudge sundae – priceless. That $1 medium iced coffee while enjoying a few moments of hands-off parenting while your kid socializes in the slides and tunnels – so surprisingly good. That one public restroom you can count on being in almost every small town you pass through – a godsend.

So, thanks McDonald’s. You have your niche. I apologize for judginess. You were right, I was wrong – except about the Arch Deluxe. That bypass-in-a-box memory will never fade.

One thought on “Shelving my Judgy Attitude about McDonald’s

  1. Dad says:

    Well-done, Jon. Not that I am any fan of the Arches anymore (gluten-free, non-GMO etc.), but for youngsters full of piss and vinegar, the perfect quick fix.

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